February 28, 2008, 11:56 am
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1. INFRONT (Institute for Forest and Environment) with Provention Consortium Research and Action Grants for Disaster Risk Reduction, PSBA (Research Center for Natural Disaster) UGM, And Kyoto University Communicating at volcano disaster with rural participatory approach at surrounding Merapi Volcano. This Research aim to conducting what problems is at evacuation when eruptions happens and make matrix solution for reducing of missing communication. Team Leader (Field Facilitator) Jan-Feb 2008
2. CRESENT (Center of Research for Environment and Social Empowerment). Identify of diversity and differentiation flora and fauna in Grobogan regency at 2007. This project is going with funding by Environment and Forest Department at Grobogan Regency. Major Researcher 2007Jan-Jun
3. PT Explorer Indonesia Seed Assessor of GERHAN (Gerakan Nasional Rehabilitasi Hutan dan Lahan) in 2006 at DAS SOP (Serayu Opak Progo watershed) Researcher, (seed assessor) 2006,Dec
4. WWF Indonesia(Sahul Region – Papua)

with CIFOR

“Reducing the loss of forest and minimalizing the conflict with have relevated forest in South Papua region with equal solution to break down the problems at the forest sector” Field Forest Researcher 2006(Jun-Oct)
5. Gadjah Mada University Study habitat of Hilobates Molloch at Cipendok, Central Java. Field team researcher 2006
6. PT. Wana Tirta Consulting Association “Environmental and Social Study at Forest area to evaluate performance of environmental and social managements from KPH Randublatung, Perhutani Unit I Jawa Tengah” Field Researcher 2005
7. Forest Faculty of UGM “The Conflict of The Forest Resource (Case study in the Sub district of Gabus, Forest Area of BKPH Segorogunung, KPH Gundih)” Thesis Researcher 2005
8. JPPR (Jaringan Pendidikan Politik untuk Rakyat). Independence watcher on PILKADA Sleman, Jogyakarta, (Direct regional leader election with JPPR number accreditation is 05/Pan.Akt/KPUD/2005). Independence assessor 2005
9. Forest Faculty of UGM Field study at forest conservation program in the Alas Purwo National’s park. Team leader 2004
10 Forest Faculty of UGM Field study about sustainable teak forest management in Getas, Ngawi regency. Team leader 2004Jun
11 PKM UGM (Program for Student Creativity) with Funding from DIKTI (Department of Higher Education in Indonesia) “Social Empowerment to reducing the destruction of forest ecosystem in Grobogan regency. This project has been done with participatory approach and empowering at local people. The purpose was for reducing illegal logging practice and supported multi stakeholder management for forest sector. Team leader for Project 2004

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