Working at Properindo Jasatama (Environmental Consultant)
June 28, 2008, 11:33 am
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Working at Properindo Jasatama (Environmental Consultant)

Duration: 2007

My Position is Seed Quality Assessor & Data analyst

This is second project doing such as project GNRHL 2006 at DAS SOP (Serayu Opak Progo watershed). I cannot write more because this context of works is similar. The GNRHL / GERHAN (Gerakan Nasional Rehabilitasi Hutan dan Lahan) is routine project come to 2009 from Forestry Department, and we get it by tender mechanism. In 2006, the project got by PT. Explorer, and on 2007, PT. Properindo Jasatama gets this project.

This project does with evaluate the quality of seed plant at village distribution. We see the quality of root, leaves, stem, apical; stem color, woody main stem, and so on. Moreover, we check the document about genetics, seed provenance.

This works do at every spot distribution in SOP area; DIY, Sleman, Bantul, Kulon Progo, Gunung Kidul, Kodya Magelang, Magelang, Temanggung, Wonosobo, Purworejo, Kebumen, Purbalingga, Banjarnegara. Therefore, this work needs more healthy and fit body.

In additional, my job is analysis the data for the report. It needs the smart process because we collect more documents. We cannot make a mistake because it will make error analysis.


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