Identify the diversity and differentiation flora and fauna in Grobogan District.
August 21, 2008, 5:15 pm
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WORKING AT CRESENT (Centre of Research for Environment and Social Empowerment).

The CRESENT has a vision to save our environment and reach the social equally.
Duration: 2007
Position: Major Researcher at flora and fauna diversity
Title: identify the diversity and differentiation flora and fauna in Grobogan District.

This project is gone by funding from Environmental and Forest Department at Grobogan District. It will be use for making database at flora fauna Grobogan. Therefore, the district government can do toward strategy and development. As we know, that our flora fauna get threaten because illegal trading and more exploitation.

We do ecological method to identify the index of diversity. We are plotting the sampling in every sub district in Grobogan. Every plots take into relevant sites that equivalent with actual condition of sites. We use sampling plot for identification the flora and use line transect for identify the fauna especially birds. We also count the mammal, reptile, fish, and amphibians. We also combine the purpose sampling method for specific species.

This research is done for identifying the degradation species at Grobogan District. So, the District Government can use priority for saving the biodiversity. Beside, the Local Government can improve it on capturing and bio culture for production.


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